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Expressing myself through music is a fundamental need, my way of breathing, of understanding who I am

FREDERIC is someone who embraces his dual nature to live a full life. Emotion and reason, conviction and doubt, French and English… FREDERIC is practical at work yet an artist in his soul, a man of the world approaching sixty who remains sensitive and is always developing as an artist.

Talented and versatile, FREDERIC is influenced by blues, rock, and pop. His baritone voice and tender lyrics are rich with experience, telling stories that explore human relations and the mysteries of life. From poignant piano solos to high energy rock beats, FREDERIC’s music is accessible and varied. He sings in English and his native French.

Living proof that it’s never too late to believe in your own talents, FREDERIC wrote and composed his first album “To Be Continued” in 2019, recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios and Brussels ICP Studios in 2020, and will play live at the leading concert venue Ancienne Belgique in March 2022.


A love of music

FREDERIC is a singer-songwriter and musician who plays drums and piano. He has produced his own album “To be continued” under the name FREDERIC as Nervus T and is currently working on songs for his second album, “Light Blue”.

FREDERIC is driven by his love of music and desire to write songs that are varied and accessible. His diverse range of influences include blues, rock, 70s pop, chanson française and classical music. Elements from each genre infuse his approach to form, creativity, and lyrical expressivity, sprinkled with a spirit of rebellion and showmanship.

Alive to the world around him, FREDERIC finds inspiration in everyday and past experiences. “It always starts with an undefined feeling, about things I either love or hate, which prompts me to write to understand them better.”

He’s living proof that there’s no better time to start than now. “The most important, and difficult thing, is to follow your intuition and take a decision. Then things start to align, and you must go for it.”


A little back story

FREDERIC was born in Ixelles, Brussels in 1963.

His musical education started very young. “I received a little toy piano when I was two or three years old, and later started drumming with chopsticks on tubs of washing powder with a friend. My cousins had a band and I loved watching them rehearse.”

FREDERIC has had a lifelong connection to music – as a radio presenter, at the theatre, at events, as a DJ and as a member of a cover band. He always had a space in the house where people could get together and play or listen to music.

Beside his music, FREDERIC is a family man. A kind of “rock n roll Papa” who’s both inspired and supported by those closest to him. Management skills, ability to learn quickly, and technical knowhow from his other career in IT have proved very helpful in creating his label and producing his first album from scratch.

FREDERIC also enjoys reading, meeting new people and the freedom he feels when riding his motorbike. His mind is constantly bubbling with several projects, and he’s currently developing ideas for a musical soundtrack linked to his first novel in progress.